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Jess Phoenix Inspires My Advocacy

9 months ago · · Comments Off on Jess Phoenix Inspires My Advocacy

Jess Phoenix Inspires My Advocacy

Jess Phoenix ignites political change

It’s easy to feel powerless in today’s society. So much is wrong in the world yet nothing is truly changing—a polarized nation is in turmoil and our system is lacking morality and empathy for human beings. It’s especially difficult when you’re 17 and can’t vote.

Having family that are Mexican immigrants and Puerto Ricans affected by Hurricane Maria, a passion for advocacy and political change was sparked in me. I knew I had to act somehow, even if I couldn’t vote. And while I would eventually become an organizer, planning events like the Town Hall for Our Lives or voter registration drives in my hometown of Santa Clarita, my first introduction to politics was becoming energized by Jess Phoenix and volunteering for her since the Fall of 2017.

Our elected officials are riddled with corruption and greed, our structures are filled with marginalization and discrimination, and our legislative actions lack compassion for people in need. It is incredibly rare for me to be inspired by politicians or candidates after so much injustice, so much posturing, so much sameness, but Jess Phoenix is authentic, and one of the few political figures that I actually believe in. She has wholeheartedly inspired me, and is undoubtedly the best candidate for our district.

Jess’s progressive vision will bring meaningful change to our district and nation

The only way to actually bring about meaningful change to our country is through the progressive vision, a movement that has reached me personally, for it tackles the inequalities in our nation with revolutionary programs, like Medicare for All, a living wage, actual resistance towards mass deportation and incarceration, tuition-free education, or campaign finance reform. Jess Phoenix is part of the incredible group of people who are rising up to the call and are giving young activists like me hope for America. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in NY-14, Randy Bryce in WI-01, or the bold District Attorney of Philadelphia, Larry Krasner.

I’m proud to work alongside the only candidate who actually embodies that vision in CA-25. Jess Phoenix’s campaign has the most grassroots fundraising of CA-25, she’s the only candidate who supported all progressive policies since day one, and her unique scientist background makes her stand out, especially against an incumbent who’s a climate change denier.

What we need in Washington, is not a politician backed by dark interests. What we need in Washington, is not more of the same establishment leaders who too often forget about the people. What we need, is a visionary that puts people above profits and vigorously defends justice. That’s Jess.

What makes Jess special

But let’s put politics and partisan discussions aside. While I think it’s clear that her experience as a non-profit founder, scientist, educator, and worker for a state government are impressive and her platform evidences how she’s an amazing candidate, there’s something else that makes her stand out.

She’s a human being.

I’ve lost track of the amount of fake and disingenuous candidates and politicians throughout the United States, let alone our state, and sadly, our district. Jess is real and authentic. Jess has passions and quirks just like the rest of us. When you talk to her, she’s a real person. She reaches out to people and communities that are too often forgotten. You can tell she absolutely cares about people, about families—in sum, about our nation. She wants to change this country for the better.

And I know she will achieve this as our next Congresswoman.