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Bringing green tech to CA-25

9 months ago · · Comments Off on Bringing green tech to CA-25

Bringing green tech to CA-25

When Jess Phoenix looks into the future, she sees green.

“The backbone of my run for Congress here in CA-25 is making our region the global hub for green tech R&D,” she wrote on Twitter. The 25th district is ideally situated to be a research hub, says Jess, because “we have the space and the transport options needed to locate the global HQ for green tech right here.” Not to mention that companies like Northrup-Grumman and Lockheed Martin have already attracted top engineering talent to the region. “Our community has long been expert in aerospace manufacturing,” she enthuses. “And we have thousands of skilled people who can build the green tech we need for the future.”

So how can the district attract green industry? “By sending a scientist to Congress who understands the federal grant-making process,” she explains. “Just like Massachusetts lawmakers did for Boston, I will help my community get needed resources for kickstart our green jobs revolution.” Massachusetts has long offered benefits like research grants and tax incentives, as well as its world-class educational institutions, to attract tech companies to Boston. Jess wants to do the same for her district. “I want to encourage academic and trade skills education right here, too,” she says. “It will fuel the economic engine that can help us weather job losses from automation.”

Climate change is the greatest threat to national security

Advances in green technology, she believes, will have benefits that extend well beyond her own district. “We need to invest in it because climate change is the greatest threat to national security that we’re going to see in the next 50 years.” Jess wants to make the 25th district part of the solution. “We have a tremendous opportunity to lead the way globally and help prepare for automation and climate change,” she believes. “Our potential is limitless.”

Remember to register to vote by May 21st for the primary. Check out Jess’s positions on the issues, including green tech and climate change on her campaign site,

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Lisa Klink

Lisa Klink

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