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CA-25-Jess2018 – Jess Phoenix For Congress | VOTE TODAY

10 months ago · · Comments Off on CA-25-Jess2018 – Jess Phoenix For Congress | VOTE TODAY

CA-25-Jess2018 – Jess Phoenix For Congress | VOTE TODAY

Jess Phoenix For Congress – Great Person – Sharp Mind –  For the People

At one of many yard parties, (meet the candidate) events put on by supporters, we met Jess Phoenix. Prior to meeting her, we were aware of the other two running for the position in our district CA-25 and had met them both. After spending better than an hour visiting with Jess, my wife and I agreed that she was the right person to put our support behind. Here are some points she made back then and has not veered from them.

  • Jess will work on our behalf to bring evidence-based policy making to Congress. Who better than a scientist! Right? Jess will be able to take the place of Steve Knight who sits on the Science, Space, & Technology Committee. This is huge, because Freshman’s to congress generally need time to “season”
  • Jess will work on our behalf to bring our district CA-25 into a new era of energy sources, making us a Green Technology Hub…
  • Jess will work on our behalf to bring sense to gun control.  “I was a seventeen year old high school student living in Littleton, Colorado in 1999 when the Columbine shootings occurred. I saw firsthand how gun violence shatters lives and tears apart communities. Since then, we have seen too many mass shootings with no end in sight. Domestic violence and suicide attempts are also made worse when guns are involved. We need common-sense gun reforms that will help prevent mass shootings, domestic violence, and suicides. This means closing background check loopholes, opposing Concealed Carry Reciprocity, directing the Centers for Disease Control to study the gun violence epidemic and fully funding their efforts, and forming a Congressional Select Committee to investigate the causes and solutions to our country’s gun violence problem.” – Jess Phoenix
  • Jess will work on our behalf to end Homelessness, Provide Quality Health Care and help create policy to a pathway to Immigration. Read More Here!
  • Jess Phoenix Shares Your Values: ”Everyone should have a bright today and a brilliant tomorrow” Jess. Read More Here

One could go on and on. The reality of it all is Jess has dominated at every debate, has Thousands of Social Media followers and supporter worldwide. Jess Phoenix has been interviewed by numerous national network and newspapers. Jess has more charisma, is more articulate and dare it be said more intelligent than her opponents. So when you go to the polls TODAY, VOTE FOR JESS PHOENIX



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Van Sickles

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