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CA-25-Jess2018 – Use your voice. Vote!

10 months ago · · Comments Off on CA-25-Jess2018 – Use your voice. Vote!

CA-25-Jess2018 – Use your voice. Vote!

“Are you tired of what’s going on in Congress? Me too,” says Jess Phoenix. “Now is the time to stop sending professional fundraisers to Congress. Now is the time for grassroots candidates with experience in problem-solving.”

CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix runs a grassroots campaign

Easier said than done, right? Maybe not. The current congressman from California’s 25th district, Republican Steve Knight, is considered highly vulnerable in this year’s mid-term election. Jess, a geologist and founder of the research organization Blueprint Earth, hopes to replace Knight, a climate change denier who has consistently voted to cut funding for environmental programs. She’s only one of the scientists-turned-candidates taking advantage of the recent surge in political activism. Jess, and all of the grassroots candidates who want to change the culture in Washington, are hoping that that interest will translate into more people turning out to vote. And not just in national elections, but in local elections, like the California primary on June 5th.

California Primary Voter Information

In 2010, California adopted a “top-two” system for its primary elections. Whatever their party affiliation, all voters can participate in the primaries.  The two candidates who receive the most votes will go on to compete in the general election. If both of those candidates belong to the same party, they’ll still run against each other for the 25th district seat on November 6th.

Anyone not currently registered to vote can still register for the primary election by May 21st. They can also apply for a mail-in ballot by May 29th. Information about voting, and the location of polling places, can be found on the California Secretary of State’s website: There’s also the Vote California App available for mobile phones, or residents can text VOTE for 468683. However residents get their voting information, Jess Phoenix encourages them to use it. She believes that “people, especially young people, can’t afford to say, ‘I don’t care about politics’ anymore.”

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Lisa Klink

Lisa Klink

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