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CA-25 | SimiPalooza, Santa Coachella, & The Electric PalmDaisy Carnival

11 months ago · · Comments Off on CA-25 | SimiPalooza, Santa Coachella, & The Electric PalmDaisy Carnival

CA-25 | SimiPalooza, Santa Coachella, & The Electric PalmDaisy Carnival

Help CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix bring music festivals to our district

The Simi, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys are ideal places to live and raise one’s family. However, the qualities which entice people to raise their children in these areas are the same ones which can make life—I’m not gonna mince words here—agonizingly boring for teenagers and young adults. The stability and quiet don’t bode well for exciting night life. It is possible to inject some fun into a family-friendly area. There are a couple of awesome night spots in the 25th District, plus a world-class amusement park. However, these are exceptions to the humdrum rule. And, honestly, you can only ride Twisted Colossus or X2 so many times before your brain liquefies and your stomach explodes. But what if someone like Congressional Candidate Jess Phoenix was able to bring a major music festival to these communities? As a Scientist, Jess’ jobs—from educating children, to Geology projects spanning six continents, to running a major non-profit—have been diverse and evidence-based, so she is used to working with all types of people and generating logical solutions to problems.

Our district has festival potential

The 25th Congressional District has the benefit of a tremendous amount of undeveloped, wide-open space. (The AV and SCV are especially Tumbleweed-Friendly.) Additionally, multitudes of the area’s residents work in the Entertainment Industry. By bringing together these varied elements and coordinating the needs of the local business community with the wants of the area’s residents, Jess aspires to introduce an annual Coachella-style event.

A festival of this magnitude has the potential to raise the district’s cultural profile, generate positive publicity, and—not insignificantly—bring a massive infusion of cash. (C’mon, what municipality doesn’t like cash?) If a woman who specialized in logistics and problem-solving were to spear-head the effort, barriers like transportation problems and traffic issues could be addressed before the event ever took place. So vote for Jess Phoenix and give her a chance to address this challenge—along with a host of others.

You’ll be glad you elected her, one day in the near future, when you’re rocking your rainbow wig, rave gloves, and multi-color fur boots at SimiPalooza, Santa Coachella, & The Electric PalmDaisy Carnival.

Learn more about Congressional candidate Jess Phoenix

Learn more about Jess’ positions on her official CA-25 Candidate page: Please share this post and join us in supporting Jess Phoenix’s grassroots campaign at And be sure to vote in our CA primary, June 5, 2018! As those Geologists say, “ROCK THE VOTE!”