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CA-25 candidate Jess Phoenix partners with civic engagement platform, Pulse

10 months ago · · Comments Off on CA-25 candidate Jess Phoenix partners with civic engagement platform, Pulse

CA-25 candidate Jess Phoenix partners with civic engagement platform, Pulse

Using Tech to Connect to You!

With technology impacting every aspect of our life, why can we not directly connect to our elected representatives and politicians?

CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix is partnering with Pulse (, a civic engagement platform connecting citizens to their elected representatives to solve this problem.

Pulse was created by a group of students at Stanford University, led by Saugus High School graduate Drake Hougo, 19. He and his team created Pulse as a way to put politics in the pocket of the average American.

“The way we communicate with our elected officials is fundamentally broken,” Hougo said. “We vote once every two years, but do not do anything in between—writing letters, calling in or protesting are too much work for the average citizen, often with no results.”

Building community engagement with Pulse

Civic engagment platform, Pulse, brings governing into the 21st century.

Pulse (currently a website, with a mobile application to be released soon), lets users read about important bills in understandable terms with non-partisan explanations and cast their virtual ballot in favor or against. They instantly see how it is polling in the 25th District, California and the entire nation.

All of the votes from users in the district are sent to a dashboard that Jess and her team can view to make more informed legislative decisions. After the official vote, citizens receive feedback on how their elected representative voted on the bill.
“Pulse is about creating a constant connection between citizen and leader. It is a nonpartisan platform focused on providing quality information and giving users a real voice,” Hougo continued. All bill analysis on the Pulse website comes from non-partisan, government sources.

The site verifies that only users in the 25th have a say by cross checking the county-wide voter registration rolls. This filters out any not voters or bots. Users in other districts are pooled exclusively with voters in their respective districts.
Hougo and his team have brought on several Congressional campaigns throughout the state and are excited to pilot the product in his home district.

Bringing government into the 21st century

“Our team is thrilled to be working with Jess,” Hougo shared. “Her background as a scientist and use of quantitative information for decision-making makes her an ideal partner for us. Clearly the country is changing, and with technology it makes sense to bring governing into the 21st century.”

The Phoenix Campaign Officially launches with Pulse today (5/7) aimed at connecting with voters in the final month before the election.

Be sure to vote on issues you care about and connect with Jess @! And be sure to ROCK THE VOTE at the June Primary!