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Jess Phoenix–Someone Who Understands

9 months ago · · Comments Off on Jess Phoenix–Someone Who Understands

Jess Phoenix–Someone Who Understands

No one should ever experience the heartache of a school shooting.  No one from any walk of life deserves that kind of pain.  Jess Phoenix, the Democratic candidate for California’s 25th Congressional district, has experienced this nightmare first-hand.  Nineteen years ago she was on her way to Columbine—the high school her boyfriend attended—to participate in a track meet, when the earth-shattering tragedy occurred.

Jess Phoenix has seen the tragedy caused by gun violence

“I was a seventeen year old high school student living in Littleton, Colorado in 1999 when the Columbine shootings occurred. I saw firsthand how gun violence shatters lives and tears apart communities. Since then, we have seen too many mass shootings with no end in sight. Domestic violence and suicide attempts are also made worse when guns are involved. We need common-sense gun reforms that will help prevent mass shootings, domestic violence, and suicides. This means closing background check loopholes, opposing Concealed Carry Reciprocity, directing the Centers for Disease Control to study the gun violence epidemic and fully funding their efforts, and forming a Congressional Select Committee to investigate the causes and solutions to our country’s gun violence problem.” – Jess Phoenix

Jess understands the complexities of common-sense gun reform—both of her parents are in Law Enforcement.  She respects those of differing viewpoints, she has lived on different continents, and she has learned to listen to people with varying opinions on every subject. She will work tirelessly to build consensus and effect positive change.

Throughout the ensuing years, Jess has lived life to the fullest.  But she has never forgotten the terror she witnessed.  Nor has she forgotten the beautiful friends she lost on that dark day—wonderful people full of joy and potential.

Through no choice of her own, Jess Phoenix comprehends this issue in a way that none of us ever should.  And she will use her hard-won understanding to keep her constituents safe.

Support Jess in the CA primary!

Learn more about Jess’ positions on her official CA-25 Candidate page:  Please share this post and join us in supporting Jess Phoenix’s grassroots campaign at  And be sure to vote in our CA primary, June 5, 2018!  As those Geologists say, “ROCK THE VOTE!”

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Denise Koek

Denise Koek

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