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Jess Phoenix—The Dark Side of Grass Roots

10 months ago · · Comments Off on Jess Phoenix—The Dark Side of Grass Roots

Jess Phoenix—The Dark Side of Grass Roots

What does it mean to be a grass roots candidate?

What does it mean to be a Grass-Roots candidate like Jess Phoenix, the scientist running for California’s 25th Congressional District?  On the most basic level, it describes a process that utilizes collective action on the local level in order to effect change—it functions as a bottom-up rather than a top-down model.  As a Strictly Grass-Roots candidate, Jess does not accept money from corporate donors.  Her campaign receives money only from you, the people.  And she has done phenomenally well by this metric—she’s attracted over 7,000 donors, each giving an average of $45!  In a very real sense, this structure ensures that Jess will answer only to you, her future constituents.


That bears repeating: She won’t be at the beck and call of assorted businesses or political organizations; she will work only for you.

You have the opportunity to elect someone who isn’t beholden to outside interests

The opportunity to elect someone who isn’t beholden to outside interests is an amazing gift.  Too many politicians have sold themselves to the highest bidder.  That makes the prospect of a smart, independent Congresswoman who truly cares about her constituents irresistible.


That’s the good news.


Here’s the bad news: when you eschew big corporate sponsors and huge lobbying groups, you give up a lot.  Jess can’t afford to bombard every neighborhood in the Simi, Santa Clarita, and Antelope Valleys, with an endless succession of glossy, promise-packed mailers.  She can’t afford slick, professional, obscenely expensive commercials on major cable networks.    Tragically, all she can afford is me.


Like Blanche Dubois, in A Streetcar Named Desire, Grass-Roots candidates have always depended on the kindness of strangers.  That means that the poorly-crafted, annoying, pseudo-art film attached to this blog is as close to promotional video as this honest, hard-working woman can get.  It’s not really fair—what Jess deserves are expensive ad campaigns, glossy mailers, and unforgettable catchphrases, like “I’m Lovin’ It!”  What she has is a free YouTube video.


Save Jess Phoenix from the travesty of pseudo-advertising.  Support and reward her honesty—DONATE to Jess Phoenix today!  The entertainment world will thank you.


Learn more about Jess’ positions on her official CA-25 Candidate page:   Please share this post and join us in supporting Jess Phoenix’s grassroots campaign at  And be sure to vote in our CA primary, June 5, 2018!  As those Geologists say, “ROCK THE VOTE!”

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Denise Koek

Denise Koek

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