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More young Americans to Vote – CA-25

9 months ago · · Comments Off on More young Americans to Vote – CA-25

More young Americans to Vote – CA-25

Jess Phoenix CA-25 Congressional Candidate

According to (CNN); More young Americans are saying they will vote in the upcoming midterm elections than in the last two midterms, according to a new national poll released Tuesday by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics.

“This movement has real potential to change the course of engagement for a generation,” said Kei Kawashima-Ginsberg, director of the Tufts Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement. “If they can bring about an incredible surge in turnout, I think they’ll change the way that us adults view young people as voting blocs.” The lead-up to this year’s midterm elections, though, is seeing a surge in youth interest. A recent march organized by the Parkland students attracted more than 500,000 people to Washington, D.C. and many more in state capitals around the country. A number of young people are upset at congressional inaction on gun violence and the gutting of safety, environmental, and worker protections under the Trump administration.

We’ve seen this same enthusiasm from our youth right here in Santa Clarita and other cities in CA-25 also in schools and demonstrations all over California.

In The Past; young voters have had poor turnout at the polls: Let’s Turn This Around and Turn CA-25 Blue with Jess!

Stop The Madness!!!  Vote : Jess Phoenix CA-25   By Mail or at the Polls on June 5, 2018 Here are some Important Dates:

15-Day Close of Registration, May 21

Last Day to Request Vote-By-Mail Ballot, May 29

Last Day to Receive Vote-By-Mail Ballot Postmarked No Later Than June 5, 2018

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Van Sickles

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