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Science fiction stars hosted Science Mayday in support of CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix

10 months ago · · Comments Off on Science fiction stars hosted Science Mayday in support of CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix

Science fiction stars hosted Science Mayday in support of CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix

Science fiction stars support CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix

Last night, stars of the science fiction world turned out in Hollywood in support of CA-25 Candidate Jess Phoenix. There is a Science Mayday alarm sounding, and stars are supporting Jess in leaps and bounds.  Jess is a science superstar, and the science fiction community loves her. And no wonder, she even launched her campaign at the Vasquez Rocks, an iconic location right here in our district. It’s also the site of a famous Star Trek battle where Captain Kirk battles a lizard creatured called Gorn. Here’s a clip to refresh your memory.

The event was held at IgnitedSpaces on Hollywood Boulevard and was hosted by stars from the world of science fiction like:

  • Bruno Amato
  • Eric Balfour
  • John Billingsley
  • Mary Chieffo
  • Chad Coleman
  • Aron Eisenberg
  • Spencer Garrett
  • Terry Matalas
  • Mary E. McGlynn
  • Bill Prady
  • Randi Mayem Singer
  • Tara Strong
  • Christopher Titus
  • Wil Wheaton and
  • Joss Whedon

Some of the stars gave speeches in support of Jess, and we’d like to share some of the highlights with you here.

Joss Whedon has been in the trenches for a while. We’ll let him tell you about it….

Eric Balfour has a new baby on the way, and he’s concerned about the future. Jess offers a future that makes him feel safe for his child.

John Billingsley supports Jess and encourges you to support her as well.

At a recent candidate debate, Jess was asked about her celebrity supporters. Of course it’s kind of cool to have support from these people, but when you think about the world of science fiction, it makes a lot of sense. Science fiction holds up a mirror to our society. It exposes not only the ills of today’s society, it also offers creative solutions.

If we are truly to live long and prosper, we need candidates like Jess Phoenix in office who have the expertise to save the planet from ourselves. Jess is not afraid to run toward a volcano to study; she’s not afraid to tackle the challenges faced not only by our district but also our nation.

How can you answer the science mayday?

There’s only another month until the California Primary. The most important thing you can do is vote. If you need help with registering to vote, we have some resources available to you to help you out. Also, vote by mail ballots go out on May 7th.  If you are able, please consider making a donation.

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Jennifer Quisenberry

Jennifer Quisenberry

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